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The presence of mold is an irritating problem that has the potential to develop into something bigger if left untreated. You may have tried all the home remedies that you know of but nothing seems to work. Getting to the bottom of the mold problem takes more than an ability to sniff out moist, fungal interlopers, and a keen eye.

By and large, an exhaustive mold inspection requires the expertise of a qualified professional to help wipe mold from your mind for good. The cost of mold remediation varies due to the fact that homes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The total mold removal cost is determined by different factors including:


Property Size

The total cost of a mold remediation will be greatly influenced by the breadth of your property. Simply put, your bills will rise if there is more area to be covered by the mold inspector. If there is mold in different parts of your home, the inspector will collect samples that will help identify and distinguish between the types. Quotations can start from as low as $300 to as high as $3,000 depending on the total area infected and the extent of the damage.


The Mold Testing Costs

One important thing that you should know is that the overall number of samples taken will also determine the final cost. Mold testing costs also vary depending on the type of testing used. The testing will also be influenced by how extensive the mold infestation is. The tests include air cell testing which involves collecting an air sample in your home and swab testing that involves the collection of a swab surface from a potentially infested area. The cost of a swab testing can range between $200-$300 and $250-$350 for an air cell testing.


Location of Mold

When it comes to the treatment and removal of mold, the location in the home will affect the cost of services. Inspecting, treating and removal of mold in easily accessible areas such as the basement wall will be cheaper. This is because it needs less time and labor compared to an area such as in the HVAC duct system inside the wall. This could even require demolition as well as intensive electrical precautions.

Mold is a problem that keeps coming back and it couldn’t get any worse if you did it yourself and missed a spot. Yes, it might be a little expensive to hire a professional to inspect your home but it would be great if you thought of it as an investment for the ages. This is the first step to ensuring healthy conditions within your home for your family and visitors. All the above factors should be considered when hiring an inspector. If you have any questions or need advice contact us today.

Mold inspections are free of charge with no obligations for homeowners, property managers and the industries we serve.


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